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Got a question in regards to selling stocks and rebuying them at higher prices : UKInvesting

So I’ve got a mathematical question which I am a little confused by. I currently have a Vanguard ISA and a Trading 212 standard investing account. I am currently using both, but eventually would like to transfer all my funds into one S&S ISA once (if!!) I reach the CGT limit.

To do this, I imagine I would need to sell off my stocks in my current trading 212 account and buy the new ones in the S&S Isa account. I’m just wondering whether this means you technically lose out on future gains, as you buy the share at a higher price? I can’t quite get my head around it so I would appreciate some clarification.

I know some may say I should just use the Trading 212 ISA account for all, but I just prefer to have it as Vanguard. The reason I have my Trading 212 account however is for smaller amounts in funds which don’t exist in Vanguard. Eventually I would either want to use just the funds in Vanguard or move to another provider like AJ Bell so I can use the Vanguard funds and other funds, however I don’t want to do that right now as I’d like to make use of the low fees in both Vanguard and Trading 212.

Hope this is clear! Let me know if it isn’t !!

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