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Fusionex International cash buyout offer, what happens now? : UKInvesting

I have some shares in a company called fusionex international. They were delisted from AIM a few years back so the shares have just sat dormant in my DEGIRO trading account, I can’t trade them or do anything with them.

I recently saw here there’s apparently a cash buyout offer, but DEGIRO haven’t mentioned anything to me. I’m awaiting a response from them.

My question is, what happens if DEGIRO don’t give me the opportunity to accept this offer?

Assuming the buyout offer goes through, what happens to shares of existing shareholders, who don’t sell?

Would they still remain as valid shares of a company that is majority owned by someone else?

And if I can’t sell them as part of this offer, is there any likelihood I’ll ever be able to sell them again?

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