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Fundsmith Equity cheapest investing option : UKInvesting

Hi All, I would like to invest some additional money I have into the Fundsmith Equity Fund. I am planning for this to be long term, so would like to make sure I go for the cheapest option in terms of platform fees and fund fees.

I’ve seen on the Fundsmith website that you can invest directly through them, but I can’t see any fees, particularly platform fees that I am trying to avoid/lower as much as possible. I currently have an account with H&L, but as this will be over the long term, I would like to reduce unessecary fees as much as possible.

Does anyone know what the cheapest way would be to invest in the Fundsmith Equity Fund? I’ve maxed out my ISA for this year, so this will be outside of an ISA unfortunately.


PS I did check the sidebar and look at the Monevator comparison site, however it does not include Fundsmith website directly.

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