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ETF INVESTMENT HELP LYXOR is it okay to buy if I am from the U.K.? What are the cons? is it the same as ishares ucits Nasdaq 100 ? : UKInvesting

Hi guys been investing in low cost index funds for about a year now, I am 19 and wanted to buy Ishares ucits Nasdaq 100 ETF but as they don’t allow fractional shares I decided to buy LYXOR Nasdaq 100 ETF can anyone clear a few things to for me as I cannot seem to find this online. They both track the same index, so performance should be the same right? Is it okay to buy a LYXOR etf if I am in the U.K. (the price is shown in £ on the ETF) My Lisa is 60% LYXOR Nasdaq 100 , 20% Vanguard s and p 500 20% Vanguard whole world is this okay for a high risk person? please clear up if this etf choice is okay or let me know any cons many thanks

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