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DD on good entry point for good long-term investment : UKInvesting

Trackwise Designs look good for a swing in the coming weeks – looking oversold. If you look at the chart (daily candles for the lsat 6 months) you can see previous support level (Nov + Dec 2020) being approached now at around 230-240p. If this holds then we may see a bounce back to highs above 300. If it loses that level of support then will probably fall quite a bit so I would set stop loss somewhere below this level.

Recent fall in share price doesn’t seem to be based on any news – they still have this incredible (up to) £38m deal in the works (and that is with a market cap of only £70m). ER not until May/June I don’t think but that will be a catalyst in the medium-term as well. Long-term this has a lot of upside with their printed IHT technology – I will look for a good entry and hold long-term.

Obviously this is based on my opinion – what do I know, not a financial advisor, DYOR, if you buy a stonk after reading one post you’re an idiot.

I do have chart analysis but for some reason they don’t let me post pics in here so you’ll have to load it up yourself.

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