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Cash Lifetime ISA to a Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISA. : UKInvesting

Hey all, I currently have a cash LISA with Moneybox and would like to begin investing this money into an active/robo fund. Unfortunately, Moneybox doesn’t allow transferring between the two types of LISAs. Likewise, Nutmeg do not accept LISA transfers IN.

To my knowledge, AJ Bell are the only provider accepting transfers of LISAs in. However, the two main issues I have with AJ Bell is their costs and the fact they only invest on the 10th of every month. I wanted to benefit from price cost averaging by depositing weekly into the account which is not possible due to the monthly investment dates. Even if investing weekly was possible, the costs would rack up very quickly. (Please correct me if i’m wrong on these details.)

Does anyone else know of any other LISA providers that will accept a transfer in of my current cash LISA.


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