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Buy Volume 2x Sell Volume But Share Price Down? : UKInvesting

Hi all, not sure if this is a good place for this. Been investing for a few years now and tracking trade streams online for the companies I invest in.

I came across one of the companies in my portfolio, Emmerson PLC today.

So looking at trades on 25/3.

  • Buy volume (up to 2.18pm) was 1,030,863 shares.

  • Sell volume up to same time was 517,444 shares.

  • Undisclosed trades of 236,376 shares (at least 10% of which are buy as I placed a trade that came under undisclosed)

The share price confusingly is down 0.35% for the day so far.

I just want to understand the scenarios that make this possible as my “supply and demand” level of understanding has been broken here? Can anyone help?

Edit: I’ve also noticed this happening on other days where buy exceeds sell volume and share price remained unmoved or decreased.

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