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Best Data Feed for Portfolio DashBoards in Excel / Google Sheets : UKInvesting

Hi, I posted here about a year ago for an investment management tool recommendation. I got a couple of suggestions including: Morningstar, Personal Capital, YNAB, Yodlee. Also folks mentioned DIY in either Google Sheets or Excel, using =googlefinance and Excel’s Stock function.

The conclusion from last year seems to be that if you want a comprehensive (Stocks, Bonds, Currency, Funds) solution you have to build your own in Sheets/Excel. I see a number of examples and have built one from these. These are great although I want to extend to give a ROI/IRR & sector performance comparison. To perfume these fuller functions I’m looking for a feed into Sheets / Excel that will give me:

  1. Current and Historical Market Data /prices (Stocks, Bond, Funds, Crypto etc & Indices, dividend and dates)

  2. Instrument Terms (metadata about the instrument, Quote Currency, Sector, Country, Terms etc)

With this data I can pull together ROI/IRR & sector performance comparison. Keen to know how others are getting the market and instrument terms data.

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