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Allowed on HL but II would not in ISA account. : UKInvesting


I had purchased ASML stock last year through HL ISA account.

This year I am planning to transfer my ISA account to Interactive Investor – to consolidate everything at one place.

During the due diligence, II informed me that ASML is NOT allowed to be traded on their platform because it is no listed on “standard exchange” – their words.

So after calling them they clarified that I cannot buy this stock on II, howerver they will allow me to sell it once the transfer is over.

I am not sure I understood their point. The person on the call could not provide any more information. Their trading desk, that puts such control in place is not available on phone.

Now I understand that it is a ADR, but why two brokers treat 5his differently.

So, can someone please help me understand what would be the reason in this case?


Thanks Shrini

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