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Adding Emerging Markets to a new Portfolio : UKInvesting

I am 22 and currently in the process of creating my portfolio, and I want to add an emerging markets fund to finish it off. The rest of my portfolio is:

– Vanguard FTSE Global All-Cap ~45%

– Lindsell Train Global Equity ~15%

– Fundsmith Equity ~15%

– BG Health Innovation ~15%

The emerging markets funds I am looking at are the BG China Growth Trust, BG Emerging Markets Growth Fund, and JPM Emerging Markets Investment Trust, and I’m thinking of investing about 10% of my portfolio. I am leaning towards actively managed funds as from what I’ve read it seems that in EM fund managers can more easily outperform the index sustainably (feel free to disagree if you think otherwise). I am somewhat leaning away from the BG China Growth as I think I would be better off in a more general EM fund, which are mostly China-heavy anyway. The BG EM has fees of 0.76% whereas the JPM is 1%.

If anyone has any suggestions of other EM funds or any comments about my suggestions or portfolio in general that would be greatly appreciated! I’m fairly new to investing and have an open mind.

Thanks in advance!

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