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Woman says video of sister, 7, screaming as she opened black doll isn’t racist

The video which was posted on Christmas Day has already been viewed nearly ten million times. After she realises what she has been given, the girl cries and starts screaming before throwing the doll across the room. In the background other family members laugh before the person filming zooms in on the doll and talks to the distraught youngster.

He says: ‘What is it? It’s a nice dolly. It’s a lovely doll.’ After a frenzied response on Twitter, the girl’s sister responded and insisted there was no racist intent, the Scottish Sun have reported. She said her younger sibling reacted in the way she did because she doesn’t like dolls.

She tweeted: ‘My intentions of posting this video wasn’t to be “racist” at all, my sister & family are 100 per cent not racist and it wasn’t meant to come across that way. ‘The doll was a Christmas present from a family member who obviously didn’t know my sister isn’t a fan of dolls full stop.

‘I was just videoing her opening her presents as you normally do to see the excitement and happiness on their face. ‘She just doesn’t like any dolls at all she was just scared as it looked scary, she’s now happy with it.’ It’s understood that she has now deactivated her Twitter account.

Other Twitter users have also expressed their opinion. One wrote: ‘I haven’t even properly watched it, but that video of the girl opening the black doll and throwing it across the room and crying has really upset me. Why do people teach their children to hate? It’s abusive.’

Another wrote: ‘Youse are all immature clearly nothing behind it, that is a little girl, wouldn’t even know what racism is, just drop it stop being so sensitive’

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