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Toddler climbs out of fifth floor apartment window

Children see the world through different eyes, they do not perceive limitation or fear. Children take on life with a sense of curiosity, imagination and fun. As adults we all can learn few life lessons from children that could help us live outside of fear.

  • Children have no limits – they think BIG.
  • Children don’t hold back
  • Children love their imagination
  • Children like to have fun
  • Children are fearless.

Horrifying video shows a young child walk around the outside of an apartment block in Tenerife after climbing out of a fifth floor window.

In this case things could of gone wrong but thank God the toddler is alive and well. The parents has gotten a lot of heat for this because mum or dad must of been taking shower. Parenting isn’t easy but the window shouldn’t of been closed or someone keeping close eye on him.

the Manchester Evening News reports 

Shocking footage shows how high the child was precariously balanced (Image: Manchester Evening News)

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