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Father of 3 only worth a penny | ‘Preposterous’ Court awards $0.04 to family of man killed by cop

Father of three, was fatally shot in 2014 after a white sheriff’s deputy responded to a noise complaint, CNN reported. A mother picking up her child at a school across the street from Hill’s home heard Hill playing music in his garage and called in the complaint.

“After Newman knocked on the doors, the garage door opened revealing Hill within the comfort of his own garage and home,” the lawsuit said. “Upon information and belief, Deputy Lopez indicated loudly that Hill had a gun and then the garage door closed. Despite the door being closed, Newman fired his handgun approximately four times and killed Hill.”
Two bullets hit Hill in the abdomen and one hit him in the head.

A SWAT team arrived and released chemical agents into the house, and then authorities realized Hill was dead. He was found with an unloaded handgun in his back pocket.

The jury awarded $1 for funeral expenses and $1 for each child’s loss. But because the jury found Mascara only 1% responsible, it reduced the award to four cents. And because a toxicology report showed Hill was drunk at the time of the encounter, the Times reported the award would be reduced to nothing.
The family’s attorney, John Phillips, has said he was confused by the verdict, according to CNN. Hill’s family has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to support his children, and Phillips plans to file a motion for a new trial.

please kindly check the family  GoFundMe page. 



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