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Stormzy, Wiley and the ‘true spirit’ of grime

We have to talk about “Disappointed”, Stormzy’s reply to Wiley that has taken a lot of people by surprise. alot has unfolded on social media, that has led these artists getting in the studio and providing visuals too.

This back to back diss tracks has given us fans a lot to be excited about, with reaction videos about who won the first round and whether the “true spirit” of grime when the scene’s biggest MCs would “send” for each other on an almost weekly basis – is back.

The genre was largely built on sound clash culture, imported from Jamaican dancehall, and grime is peppered with historic clashes.

Wiley’s knows how to get reaction out of stormzy fans, them twitter fingers are on point. His name started trending on Twitter when Stormzy’s reply came out yesterday.

As a fan any authentic clash of grime give us something to talk about it. I must say this is one of the first big ones for a while that’s seemed quite natural, in a way kinda comical.

Most people seem to be enjoying the beef, which actually started when Dot Rotten (now better known as producer Zeph Ellis) sent for upcoming Coventry artist, Jay1, in late November – and has got much more complicated since. (This Reddit thread is a detailed timeline of everything that’s been going on.)

Stormzy got dragged in after Jaykae sent for Wiley, and Wiley told a fan he wouldn’t respond because Jaykae is “with Ed and Stormzy now” The shade of it all.

“I don’t think the spirit necessarily has ever left, but it’s refreshing to see people so big in stature now make these tunes about each other.”

These two going at it has gave grime it true respect and a start to the new decade for grime.

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