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The Power of Uncomfortable Conversations

This article is to generate a conversation about racial confrontation. To understand how we can discuss uncomfortable topics.

We must have uncomfortable conversations to understand what is differences between anger and hate. When there is corruption it is deep insecurity.
This is a very complicated issue and will take time, but through uncomfortable conversations, we can make a real change.

With everything that is going on with our justice system, with our so called world leaders, Our pain isn’t new news.

Why is it now #blacklivesmatter movement so powerful at this point in time?

Because we as a nation don’t have any other distractions right now. We are home. We are bored. We are watching the news. We are spending more time on social media. This is the reality. So, thanks to social media.

There’s no excuse for not paying a close attention up to this point. But it’s true. We see a story, we say ‘oh that’s horrible’ then an instagram notification pops up letting you know about some silly challenge and our minds get lost in that trend. Think about it. That’s just how it goes.

Many of our unsuccessful greatest movements, that ever moved the nation for progress. Were carried out by the few and the brave while the majority sat back in the comfort of their privilege and watched.

I dare you to comment and let us know how you are going to help fix this. We all have to play a part. Stand up for humanity 

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