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Community Wellbeing Workshop

Our talk therapy is not just talking about  problems, it is also working toward solutions. Talking about thoughts and feelings can help our community deal with times when they feel troubled about something. Talking is an important part of our relationships. It can strengthen our bond with other people and help you stay in good mind. And being listened to helps you feel that other people care about you and what you have to say.

We need  £14,400 for  12 months funding  to be able to deliver  for FREEYour donation will make a powerful difference in ensuring that people who might otherwise not have access to such services.

Talk therapy can help you:

  • define and reach wellness goals
  • overcome fears or insecurities
  • make sense of past traumatic experiences
  • improve relationships with family and friends
  • understand why things bother you and what you can do about them


We are grateful for all the donations that common unity receives and can assure you that they do make a significant difference to the work we help to deliver.

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