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Jedward star makes plea from hospital bed after emergency surgery

Edward Grimes has warned fans to take stomach pain seriously after he was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

The 29-year-old, who is half of the pop duo Jedward, is recovering after having his appendix removed.

He told fans he had been in excruciating pain like he had never experienced in his life.

He posted a picture of him recovering from the surgery in his hospital bed, along with a lengthy message warning people to pay attention to their bodies and not brush off key signs.

He wrote on Twitter: “Just had immediate surgery to remove my appendix.

“It was a Life threatening and scary situation but I’m grateful the emergency team has operated on me and stopped the agony.

” I’m healing and on the road to recovery!

He added: “Thank you for your caring messages.

“I’m urging everyone to please take severe pain in the abdominal area serious as I’ve never experienced excruciating pain like this and knew something wasn’t right.

“Blood tests and CT scans indicated I needed surgery.

“I’m grateful it was caught in time just knowing the feeling that your body and appendix can led to you poisoning yourself is insane.

“Don’t brush off key signs from your body as health is everything.

“Like of all times of the year it had to be Eurovision night here alone not watching it with John and my family and dogs is wtf.”

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