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Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley has a famous wife and has spoken out about his hidden illness

Emmerdale has been one of the nation’s most watched television programmes for years.

The show has been on our screens since 1972 making it one of the longest running television shows on our screens today.

And there have been a whole sleuth of characters throughout the BBC series but Cain Dingle, played by Jeff Hordley, has been a firm favourite for many.

He first appeared in the show 21 years ago despite being written out the show and returning once more.

Cain has been through a lot on the show including affairs, attacks and series medical injuries – there’s very little that the actor and character hasn’t been through.

But not many people realise that Jeff Hordley himself is actually married to a famous actress.

He is married to Zoe Henry who has also been in Emmerdale. The Essex-born actress has also appeared in a number of show including Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry and Jeff Hordley have been together for decades

She played Rhona Goskirk on Emmerdale who’s been involved in one of the show’s biggest storylines.

She also appeared in Coronation Street as child-abducting Casey Carswell.

She has also had small roles in The Bill, Casualty, Doctors, and A Touch of Frost.

Both of them have two children: a daughter named Violet, born in 2005, and a son called Stan, born in April 2008 and both live in Yorkshire.

Jeff Hordley has also spoken out about his fight against Crohn’s Disease and how debilitating it is.

Crohn’s Disease is a lifelong condition where parts of the digestive system become inflamed and can have fatal consequences if it isn’t treated.

“Talk about it to your friends, loved ones and family. Bowels are a taboo subject but we need to get over embarrassment.

“I’ve been suffering for most of my life so I’m quite happy talking about bowels and using the word “poo”!”

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