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Disqualified driver stopped by cops found to be prolific County Lines drugs dealer

A disqualified driver who refused to stop for police – sparking a pursuit – was later found to be carrying 110 individual packets of crack cocaine and heroin.

Brett Oliver, from Woodland Road in Handsworth, was arrested for dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified after a brief pursuit with officers.

Oliver, 35, was taken into custody after the chase on the A5 in Shropshire, back in April.

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It was there cops found the huge haul of crack cocaine and heroin, valued at more than £2,000.

Oliver was suspected of being part of an active county line selling drugs in Oswestry, and the surrounding area, as a result of an investigation lead by officers from Shropshire’s County Lines team.

He was jailed for 43 months for drugs and driving offences.

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Detective Sergeant Steve Miller said: “After Oliver was detained, arrested and transported to custody, he was searched and 110 individual packets of crack cocaine and heroin were found in his person which were later valued at over £2000.

“Oliver was charged and remanded for possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin as well as dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

“On the Tuesday 13 July, he was sentenced at Shrewsbury Crown Court to 40 months imprisonment with an additional 3 months for the dangerous driving offence, to be served consecutively (43 months total custodial sentence). Oliver had pleaded guilty to these matters at an earlier hearing.

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“Tackling drugs and organised crime is a force priority and we will continue to relentlessly pursue those involved in these offences and the associated harm such as criminal exploitation, cuckoo-ing and street violence.

“The officers in this case did a great job in identifying Oliver, his vehicle and then apprehending him even though he thought he could evade capture.

“The distribution of drugs and their effect on those who use them as well as the innocent people caught up in their trafficking have a very real detrimental cause on our community and I am pleased the court recognised this in the sentencing of Oliver.”

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